Atributika & Club develops and produces original club products for club stores, online stores, pre-match trading, sports conferences - and not only!

Regardless of the fans' audience, - whether it's 1000 people. or several million - branded products are designed to be worthy and of high quality, created with respect to people who are always devoted to their team! And also to promote the promotion, promotion of the club sign and, of course, attract new fans: for the club of any format.

Atributika & Club produces technology products of the level of world hockey and football top clubs, effectively competing with popular youth and sports brands.

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  1. Atributika & Club specializes in the development of sports and casual collections for leading clubs in Russia, the CIS, Europe, the USA and Canada. The full cycle of development of club products is 5-6 months.
  2. Due to production volumes and the established business reputation, Atributika & amp; Club has the ability to place club orders at the world's largest factories. At the same time, the minimum print run ranges from 250-300 pieces per view / product layout.
  3. Atributika & Club pays serious attention to the pricing policy, which is built in such a way as to allow our partners to form a stable sales system, bringing the club about 100% of the profit.
  4. Atributika & Club's branded products are already fully packaged and ready for retail / wholesale.
  5. In order to combat counterfeiting, all our products are protected by holographic signs.

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